Wahaca's new summer menu is out now


It’s that time of year again – shades, shorts and a slackening of the rules around eating ice cream before midday


Want to know what else is great about it? Wahaca's launched a new summer menu that’s stocked full of suitably seasonal delights.

This year, as the brand turns 10 years old, founder Thomasina Miers has been hard at work flicking back through the archives, and has pulled together a menu of her favourite summer dishes from a decade of cooking in the Wahaca kitchens, and sprinkled it with a few inventions inspired by her recent travels around the Motherland, Mexico.


Watch out for highlights like the new buttermilk chicken tacos – crispy fried chicken, topped with habanero and white onion relish and a spiced mayo; extra cheesy quesadillas, including the new chicken clubfire roasted cactus and courgette tacos and a heavenly hibiscus-roasted aubergine salad with roast serrano hummus, mint vinaigrette and salsa macha. New to the market treats section, a four cheese empanada, stuffed with four different cheeses in one pastry parcel, crisped and topped with a fresh tomatillo salsa.

Sit al fresco and enjoy!