Viva Mexico


We've had a crush on market-style Mexican food since Wahaca opened here at St David's in 2014. 

We caught up with the friendly, passionate, and very busy founder, Thomasina Miers... 


"I travelled to Mexico when I was 18 and returned to live there 10 years later, immersing myself in the food, culture and people. I was completely inspired. I couldn’t believe that all there was available in London was Tex Mex, and that led to my desire to open Wahaca.

The Cardiff restaurant was our biggest move since we first launched. We always want to open restaurants somewhere where we can be a part of the local community, and Cardiff has been so welcoming.

Mark and I have put so much of ourselves into Wahaca that it feels like a very personal appreciation. I think our guests have come on the journey with us and it’s wonderful to hear really positive feedback on our commitment to sustainability.

My favourite is our salmon sashimi dish, made with sustainably sourced Scottish salmon. It’s so delicious and fresh, and served raw with crispy onions, avocado and creamy chipotle mayo."


Fast facts

Favourite drink?

"Mezcal. It’s smoky like a peaty whisky, and varies wildly depending on where it is made and the agave used. It’s delicious both in a cocktail or just sipped."

Must-order Wahaca dish?

"Pork Pibil Tacos, inspired by Yucatecan cooking, served with fiery pink pickled onions."

How hot do you like your food?

"I love spicy food but I don’t always want overpowering heat. These days I prefer to explore the different flavours that different types of chillies bring to food."

Last text you received?

"I love you!"

Favourite place in the world?

"Probably my kitchen at home, on the weekend."

Early riser or night owl?

"I’m definitely a bit of both!"