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How easily do your little ones get bored of their own toys? If this sounds familiar then why not join Lewisham Toy Library, the newest addition to Lewisham Shopping centre, which allows families to borrow toys to take home for up to four weeks. 

Open to all children who live in Lewisham and neighbouring boroughs, Lewisham Toy Library offers over 2,000 toys specially selected to help improve children’s skills, enjoyment, stimulation and fun. 

Currently 243 families, 19 child minders and four groups are benefiting from this unique initiative and are able to enjoy a wide range of toys. The toys are cleaned regularly and come equipped with batteries if needed.

Ian Willey, Librarian at Lewisham Toy Library said: “Our motto is learning through play. Children need a great variety of toys, not only to play with, but also to develop skills. Their tastes are not always predictable and toys can be expensive - hence the idea of a lending service.”

Paul Redden, Centre Manager of Lewisham Shopping, said: “We couldn’t be happier that Toy Library is now available in the centre, offering a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option for families who want to borrow toys.

“We always want to provide our visitors with the best offering and experience. Toy Library is a great addition to our retail mix and I encourage all families in Lewisham to sign up to this great service!” 

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